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This basic map shows the Ensenada Municipality in navy blue color.

Municipal Limits of Ensenada
Ensenada is the largest municipality in Baja California.

This vast area, of approximately 350 miles long and 58 miles wide, ranges from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Sea of Cortes in the east.

And from the the wine country in the north to halfway down the peninsula in the south.

Within these limits there are many unique villages and places awaiting your exploration, including the city of Ensenada.

The Baja California Atlas

This excellent map of Ensenada includes: cities, villages, highways, gas stations, airports, marinas & boat ramps, boundaries, distances, tourist attractions, arts & crafts, hotels & restaurants, RV parks & camping locations, fishing areas, scuba diving and surf points, and much more.

Width: 17 cms. Height: 22 cms.
Number of pages: 80

Buy it at local libraries. Or at mexicomaps.com

AAA Mexico Maps
This map offers driving distances, conversion table and travel advisories.

Approximate price: US $5. Buy it at aaa.com

Other Map Resources
Pick up free maps at the Secretaría de Turismo de Baja California located in Boulevard Costero. Phone: 646 172-5444.

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