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Ensenada Backcountry

Tourist Attractions. Things to Do

The Ensenada backcountry houses the majority of natural attractions of Baja California.

Most of the Ensenada municipality can be classified as back country.

This region, of approximately 20,000 square miles, offers woods, desert wilderness, coasts and unique towns.

The Municipality of Ensenada offers unique natural attractions from north to south and from coast to coast.

For example, to the north is the Sierra San Pedro Mártir. This is a large area of forest and scrub. At its top sits the National Astronomical Observatory.

In the south, near Baja California Sur, lies the Valle de Los Cirios which is a vast area populated by thousands of cacti.

Towns and Villages
Within the Ensenada Back Country

To visit and enjoy these towns you may need several days since some of them are separated by hundreds of miles from each other.

  • Bahia de Los Angeles

  • Bajamar

  • Cataviña

  • La Bufadora

  • San Antonio Necua

  • San Quintín

  • Santa Rosalillita

  • Valle de Guadalupe

    Attractions and Things to Do in the Ensenada Countryside

  • Blow Hole

  • Boo Jum

  • Cave Paintings

  • Elephant Tree

  • Giant Cardon

  • Laguna Hanson

  • Rock Garden

  • Wineyards

    In addition to admire the special beauty of its natural and protected areas, in this unspoiled wilderness you can practice outdoor activities such as ecotourism, walking, mountain bike, camping, hiking, backpacking, surfing and diving. And is also an ideal setting for perfect star-watching.

    A large part of the Ensenada countryside remains much the same as it was hundreds of years ago, thanks to the rugged terrain and water shortages. This area is for Nature lovers who enjoy privacy and beauty.

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