Ensenada Art Galleries

In Ensenada Art Galleries display wonderful paintings by local artists, and also by renowned Mexican painters.

Here is a glimpse...

Galería de la Ciudad

This Gallery is housed within the Riviera del Pacífico premises.

Here you will find paintings and sculptures by local artists as well as guest artists from other regions of México.

Phone: (646) 177-3130.



CEARTE is the most important window to the art in Ensenada.

It offers modern art, abstract paintings, mixed media art, surrealism, impressionism and landscape paintings in large formats distributed in two spacious galleries.

At CEARTE, in Ensenada, the art exibits are supervised by Berta Armas who, in my judgment, is a key piece in maintaining the quality and balance of the art in Ensenada.

CEARTE exhibits unique pieces fine art collectors might find interesting.

The artworks exhibited here are carefully selected to offer only unique pieces not found in other stores in town.

Some of the artists who create such works of art have their workshops here in Ensenada.

Other artists live and work in other parts of Mexico.

Works by foreign visual artists are also shown.

Phone: (646) 173-4307 and (646) 173-4308.

Also, CEARTE has a cafetería and a store with a wide selection of art books.

Other Art Galleries

In Ensenada there are a few independient art galleries offering fine art paintings from emerging and seasoned artists.

Also sculpture and art objects in a wide range of prices and provenance.

During the past 20 years, Ensenada has been nest for visual artists, from young ones to internationally renowned artists who have left their aesthetic legacy here.

To enjoy unexpected artworks in this city, you need to visit Calle Primera.

There you will find shops whose walls hang paintings by emerging artists and, if you are lucky, by great Mexican masters such as Rufino Tamayo, José Luis Cuevas or Francisco Toledo.

Some of the shops, in the street, offer sculptures in bronze or stone.

Others offer lithographic reproductions by famous visual artists.

But if you still want to venture further to find works of art hidden by dust and time, go to Los Globos, which is something like a flea market.

If you're lucky enough, you'll rediscover valuable paintings, sculptures or original prints, and also surprising antiques.

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