Driving Directions and Travel Distances

Driving directions for Ensenada, Baja California, are based on actual driving distances between towns.

From Ensenada City
Neighboring Towns
Inter-Town Distances
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Most of the roads on Ensenada are just two lanes, so your driving times will be affected by weather, road work and traffic.







Travel distances between Ensenada City
and towns within the Ensenada Municipality

  • Bahía de Los Angeles, a small secluded fishing village on the Sea of Cortes coast, is 335 miles southeast.

  • Bajamar, the golf resort, is 15 miles north.

  • Cataviña, within a marvelous desert, is 230 miles southeast.

  • La Bufadora, the blowhole sea village, is 25 miles southwest.

  • Laguna Hanson, a camping site, is 56 miles east.

  • Ojos Negros, inland country town, is 25 miles east.

  • San Quintín, the fishing paradise, is 120 miles south.
  • San Vicente, 53 miles south.

  • Valle de Guadalupe, the wine country, is 15 miles north.

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    Driving Distances Between Ensenada City
    and Neighboring Towns Outside the Ensenada Municipality

  • Guerrero Negro is 360 miles south.

  • Puerto Nuevo, the lobster village, is 37 miles north.

  • Rosarito is 55 miles north.

  • San Felipe, in the Sea of Cortes coast, is 150 miles southeast.

  • San Ysidro, USA, is 68 miles north.

  • Tecate is 74 miles north.

  • Tijuana is 67 miles north.

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    Driving Miles Between Ensenada Towns


    • Ensenada-El Sauzal= 7
    • El Sauzal-San Antonio de las Minas= 6.5
    • San Antonio de las Minas-Fco Zarco= 12.5
    • Ensenada-Maneadero= 12
    • Maneadero-La Bufadora= 13
    • Maneadero-Santo Tomás= 18
    • Santo Tomás-Eréndira= 28
    • Santo Tomás-San Vicente= 23
    • San Vicente-Colonet= 22
    • Colonet-Camalú= 18
    • Camalú-Vicente Guerrero= 8
    • Vicente Guerrero-San Quintín= 18
    • San Quintín-El Rosario= 35
    • El Rosario-Cataviña= 77
    • Cataviña-Chapala= 33
    • Chapala-Punta Prieta Junction= 33
    • Pta Prieta Junction-Bahía de los Angeles= 40
    • Pta Prieta Junction-Santa Rosalillita= 33
    • Chapala-San Luis Gonzaga Bay= 35 -Northbound detour
    • San Luis Gonzaga Bay-Puertecitos= 46
    ENSENADA to PUERTECITOS via HIGHWAYS 3 & 5, San Felipe, then SOUTH
    • Ensenada-Ojos Negros= 25
    • Ojos Negros-Valle de la Trinidad= 52
    • Valle de la Trinidad-Puertecitos= 130

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    Driving Advice

  • In Ensenada roads are quite well maintained. Highway #1 --the Baja California's "backbone" which intersects the peninsula from north to south-- is safer, quicker and picturesque.

    However, some secondary roads have speed bumps which at times are not indicated clearly, or have potholes and uneven surfaces.

  • Do not travel on inter-town roads after dark and especially during the rainy season.

  • When driving don't forget to carry your driver's license or permit with you. Also carry the vehicle registration, insurance certificate and your passport. Only show these documents to authorized officials.

  • Please note: All information on this page is for general information purposes. We keep it as updated as possible. We are not responsible for any consequences arising from any inaccuracies.

    Driving directions for Ensenada
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