Discount Stores in Ensenada

Here we list the major discount stores in Ensenada, in alphabetical order. Some of them are classified as Department stores, Self-service shops, or simply as Supermarkets.

  • Calimax
    This company offers more than 18 supermarkets in different locations: from Ensenada´s downtown to the periphery of the city.
  • Comercial Mexicana
    This is both a convenience store and supermarket.
    It aims to provide the best service to its customers with good quality merchandise at the best price.
    Location: Plaza Santa Lucia, Avenida Reforma Sur, Transpeninsular Highway Ensenada to La Paz.
    Phone: (646) 173-3780.
  • Costco
    This famous convenience store wholesale and medium wholesale, that can be accessed only through a membership, has a branch in Plaza Santa Lucia, Avenida Reforma Sur, Transpeninsular Highway Ensenada to La Paz.
    Phone: (646) 172-3810, (646) 172-3811.
  • Home Depot
    This company offers more than 20,000 home improvement items, through the concept of "do it yourself".
    Home Depot currently has presence in Mexico, Canada, the United States and China.
    And in Ensenada their store is located in Macro Plaza del Mar, between Avenida Pedro Loyola and Iron Street.
    Phone: (646) 152-2300.
  • Office Depot
    This company specializes in selling office supplies, office furniture and equipment, computers, and accessories.
    In Ensenada this company has a store in Plaza Transpeninsular, between Avenida Reforma and Avenida Delante.
    Phone: (646) 176-7070.
  • OXXO
    This is a chain of convenience stores. It is the largest in Mexico and Latin America.
    In the urban area of Ensenada is very easy to find Oxxo stores because they are many and are located at strategic points in the city.
  • Smart & Final
    This company offers two warehouse-style outlets that sell food and household items. Both stores are located on Reforma Avenue. Phone: (664) 177-6645.
  • Soriana
    This is a department store chain covering northern Mexico. In Ensenada there are over 10 stores of this company.
  • Walmart
    Macro Plaza del Mar, between Pedro Loyola and Reforma Sur. Phone: (646) 173-3079.

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