Bus Travel to Ensenada

Bus travel to Ensenada is a practical option for those who prefer getting to our city without worries. Let someone else do the driving while you enjoy the scenery.

Tour providers located in San Diego

  • Cali Baja Tours. MCI motor coaches, vans and minibuses. Equipped and insured in both countries. They offer an extensive variety of tours and excursions, conventions, Mexican fiestas, special events and transportation on both sides of the border.

    CBT run pleasure trips that include Tijuana, Rosarito, Puerto Nuevo and Ensenada.

    In USA (619) 296-9899 / In Mexico (646) 178-1045.

  • Baja Tours. 1-800-467-3939 / (619)474-0100.
  • Travel Care Free Mexico. (619) 475-1234

    Mexican transportation to Ensenada
    1.- Drive south to the border via the freeways 5 or 805. Park your car in either side of the border for around US $7 per day.

    2.- Go to the ABC Bus Station which is very close to the border on the Mexican side. A 5 minute walk will take you there. These buses can take you to Ensenada in less than 90 minutes.

    ABC buses depart every 30 minutes from its station.

    Tourist Bus Schedules in the World
    The passenger bus transport activities are governed by preset times. Bus travel companies apply their schedules according to the number of passengers.

    Some tourist bus services start their journeys until the quota is full of passengers. While in other places the transport service includes pick up passengers at home.

    The tourist bus travel services, in a given tourist route, can be provided by one or several companies, public or private.

    In some privileged cities tourist bus transportation is subsidized by local government.

    Supply and demand for traveling by bus
    The demand for bus trips is based on the number of people who need to travel in a region. While the bus rides offer depends on the capacity of passenger transport companies as well as on road infrastructure.

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