Art in Ensenada
by Vico

Art in Ensenada by Vico is a quick look at the work of one of the most original painters in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

This painting is an acrylic painting by Vico. It depicts a loving couple embracing with passion.

Couple embracing. Original acrylic painting

This painting was made on cotton paper. 15 by 12 inches.

Vico´s Life as a Visual Artist
Vico was born in Central México and was involved with the arts during his early youth.

He learned painting techniques at Instituto de Arte Bribiesca, in México City.

Vico also designed jewelry for a renowned maker of fine silver jewelry and art objects.

Among the pieces he designed were pots, trays and jewelry boxes in pre-Columbian style.

Also he designed silver objects with contemporary style according to the preferences of each customer.

Vico contributed to a number of advertising agencies where he created storyboards for commercial TV spots.

He was responsible for creating the advertising idea: from the story to the characters to the text according to the advertising campaign of each client.

Vico also collaborated in creating logos and brand names.

Traveling to the countryside of México, to Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Jamaica, Haiti and other Caribbean Countries, provided him with a varied cultural environment and a diversity of art experiences that influenced on his work.

Vico´s Art Statement
"-I strive to evoke gaiety and visual pleasure with color, shape and texture."

Vico´s Favorite Art Paints
"-I used pastels and watercolors, but I prefer acrylics and oils. Its creamy quality allows me to get the desired texture and exact color tonalities."

Art Genres
During his life Vico has created original paintings in a variety of themes: Surrealism, Abstract Art, Figurative, Landscapes, Still Life, Cityscape, Seascape, Floral, Fantasy.

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