Today's Ensenada Weather

The Ensenada weather is a Mediterranean type because it is moderately sunny and dry most of the year.

Thanks to the fresh Pacific breezes, temperatures during the summers rarely exceed 80 degrees F. Also winters are mild and very nice because their temperatures rarely drop of 50 degrees F.

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Temperature in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. And the local time of the day.

Ensenada Weather Forecast

Average Temperatures in Ensenada

  • From November to April: 65/46
  • From May to October: 72/55

    General Climatological Information
    This information refers to forecasts of weather conditions like rain, cloudiness, high and low temperatures, rain storms, winds, and rainfall level.

    Weather Forecast
    The weather forecast, also known as climate prediction, weather bulletin, newsletter of the time, and weather forecasting, is the application of technology and science to predict the state of the atmosphere for a future period and a given locality or region.

    Weather forecasts are transmitted in real time by satellites and radars.

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