Ensenada Spanish

Want to learn Spanish quickly? In Ensenada Spanish can be learned in different ways.

Colloquial Spanish
The best method to learn the Spanish language is to be surrounded by Spanish speaking locals.

In this way you are forced to understand Spanish in a natural way, and since you do use it everyday... in the street, in the store, in the bank, you learn it better and faster.

Ensenada Spanish. Immersion Programs
In Ensenada there are schools offering Spanish immersion programs which are the fastest and most effective techniques since the language is learned within the Mexican culture... in a location where Spanish is the first language.

The Baja California Language College
USA Toll-Free: (1-877) 444-BAJA (2252). In USA: (619) 75-9711

Baja California Spanish School
From USA: (01152) 646 150-6479. In Ensenada: (646) 150-6479

Welcome Spanish Language Students
Ensenada, in Baja California, is a cientific city, small and peaceful, far from the coastal hubs of mass tourism, made to welcome university students.

You will find yourself enchanted by the lovely ocean vistas and by the scientific atmosphere that breathes in some corners of this alluring seaside community.

Linguistic Skills and Multicultural Understanding
with Immersion Programs

With this system not only do you learn Spanish but you also learn the culture with all its nuances and warmth.

You have the option to be hosted by a Mexican family to make learning easy and quick as well as very enjoyable.

Students are invited to stay with a Mexican family to complement their Spanish immersion experience.

Classes are kept very small. Only eight students per class.

Schedules are year round, meaning you don't have to plan on a specific time of the year to attend.

Individual instruction is available. With a personalized teaching method for studying Spanish, you don't just learn it: you acquire it.

There is no stress since there are no books, no grades, no tests... just learning and using the language.

Students come from all over the world and from every walk of life and profession.

And your visit will be much more meaningful... you will become part of the Mexican and Latin American life and culture around you.

After you learn Spanish, you take home far more than just a few souvenirs... a deeper understanding of the people and the life of Ensenada and Mexico.

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