Ensenada Lodging Guide

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In Ensenada lodging is offered in a wide array of accommodations, from budget to luxury.

Lodging Options in Ensenada City
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Ensenada Cheap hotels
Under US $90 per night.

  • Backpacker
  • Casa del Sol
  • Hostel Sauzal
  • Joker
  • Las Dunas
  • Posada del Mar
  • Posada Don Fernando
  • Santo Tomas
  • Villa Fontana

  • The Best Mid Priced Ensenada hotels
    Under $160 Per Night

    Villa Marina Hotel

  • Baja Inn Cortez.
  • Paraiso Las Palmas, jacuzzi, ocean view rooms, swimming pool, 646 177-1701
  • Cortez, master & junior suites, 646 178-2307
  • San Nicolás Hotel, jacuzzi, sports betting and bingo. 646 176-1901
  • Posada El Rey Sol, jacuzzi, restaurant bar, 646 178-1601
  • El Cid, jacuzzi equipped suites.
  • Villa Marina, panoramic bar,restaurant, swimming pool, 646 178-3321
  • Santa Isabel, luxury JR suites, restaurant, TV, 646 175-9182
  • Bahia, breakfast, bar, swimming pool, in calle Primera, 646 178-2101
  • Costa Baja.
  • Quintas Papagayo, cabins by the beach, restaurant bar, 646 174-4575
  • Estero Beach, swimming pool, jacuzzi,restaurant bar, museum, 176-6225
  • Corona, spinning, jacuzzi, spa, 646 176-0901.

    Top Best Hotels

    Hotel and Marina Hotel

    Casa Natalie | Coral and Marina | Hotel Las Rosas | Punta Morro

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    Lodging Information

    Prices are per double bed, in weekend, during peak season.
    The best hotels in Ensenada are all scattered along the ocean front just north and south of the city and are not within walking distance from downtown.
    Our information is deemed to be correct but not guaranteed. However, from time to time we check out prices to keep this page updated.
    Ensenada reservations. Please reconfirm dates and times before traveling.

    We hope our selection of Ensenada lodging may help you to find the right place to stay and celebrate.

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