Ensenada Car Rentals

Ensenada car rentals is the best option to fully explore the Ensenada area in less time and at your own pace.

In this page: Car Rentals, Sport Rentals and Advice.

Car renters enjoying the Ocean view in Ensenada, Baja.

Car Hire Services

Fiesta. 24 hours service. Cabstand location: in the lobby of Hotel Corona, Boulevard Costero 1442. Reservations from USA: (01152) 176-3344 and 177-7777.

They can even pick you up at the San Diego airport.

Express. Boulevard Costero 1548. From USA dial: (01152) 152-1054

Herbert. Cars and trucks. From USA: (01152) 172-5658.

Hertz. From USA: (01152) 178-2982. Cabstand location: downtown. Reservations will only be held for 2 hours after scheduled pickup time within office hours.

If flying in, two car rental services are in the lobby of the TIJUANA International Airport. Book online well in advance...

  • Budget.com
  • Avis.com

    Other online reservations: rentalcarmomma.com/cities/tijuana.htm

    But if you prefer car rentals stateside, you can rent a car to drive into Mexico from Bob Baker, the leading car dealership. They will also provide you Mexican Insurance coverage and free pick up service in San Diego County.
    Contact them well in advance… 619-297-3106.
    Available vehicles include convertibles, trucks, SUVs and vans.
    Credit cards: Visa, MC, DISC, DC.

    Sport Car Rentals

    Getting around Ensenada by a cool snap way, Chavo's sport rentals is the way. Rhinos and ATV's are available.

    Address: Corner of Boulevard Costero and Calle Castillo, within the Plaza Artesanal.

    Advice for Car Renters

  • Get your Mexican car insurance before driving across the border into Baja.
  • Drunk driving is against the law.
  • The Tourist Assistance hot line is 078.
  • To receive mechanical assistance while driving on the scenic toll road along the ocean coast, dial 01-800-990-3900.

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