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Check out our countdown clock, so you do not miss Valentine´s Day.

The digital clock below shows the time remaining until February 14: days, hours, minutes and seconds before the celebration of friendship and love.

Number of days remaining until February 14

Why is it important to know how many days before this romantic holiday?
Time management is a key element in achieving objectives in almost all areas of human activity such as professional, intellectual, emotional, domestic, economic and of course: that of love.

Whenever you need to be aware of the number of days remaining until February 14, return to this page and check out the countdown clock.

Countdown clock to Valentine´s Day

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Valentine´s Day is a celebration so traditional and romantic in the U.S. as it is in many parts of the world.

This date, also known as Día del Amor, friends, lovers, boyfriends and spouses express their love, friendship and affection in a thousand ways.

And you, how do you plan to show your affection and love on February 14?

Here are some ideas for you to plan what to give and how to celebrate the Day of Friendship

  • Flowers: messengers of love and friendship. Flowers are the basic ingredient for this date. Whether these are many or few, expensive or cheap, never forget the flowers when they are for a girl or a lady.
  • Romantic Dedications for February 14. Write your best love phrase on a card and include it in the bouquet. A greeting card or a simple card must accompany any kind of gift or bouquet. Some greeting cards include dedications of love.
  • Gifts of Friendship and Love. For her, for him. Select an original gift based on their tastes. A useful gift is much better than an adornment or decoration object.
  • Dinner. Invite she or him to dinner. Select a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. Remember to book early.

Here are some romantic notes that you may edit according to your inspiration...

  • My dear: your joy feeds my happiness.
  • You're the only person that I do not want to lose.
  • Valentine's Day is another excuse to tell you that I love you.
  • If loving you is madness, then I'm absolutely crazy about you.
  • Loving you has made me reach goals I never dreamed of reaching.
  • This romantic day is to say again that I am thankful for having known you.
  • Valentine's Day brings me your memories. The distance between you and me hurts me.
  • If a flower were born every time I think of you, now you would have a vast flowery garden.
  • Your beautiful spiritual qualities can not be seen or touched by anyone. Except me, because I love you.
  • My dear: we've been together through good times and difficult ones. And despite several years we are still together. Our love is a miracle of love.

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