Brazil Carnival

How many days before the Brazil Carnival? This event is held in three Brazilian cities: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Olinda.

Down here we offer a countdown clock that continuously marks the time remaining until the start of this exciting Brazilian event.

The Rio Carnival begins on February 8, 2013

How long before the Rio Carnival
Why is it important to know the number of days remaining until that date?
If you are planning to travel to Brazil to enjoy the samba, the dances, and parades, you should know that thousands of travelers begin to book flights and hotels with several weeks in advance.

Countdown clock to Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Time remaining until this joyful event in Brazil. Days and hours

The Brazil Carnival is the most famous in the world, therefore is the event that attracts more local and foreign tourists.

If you arrive before the beginning of the Carnival, you will have the opportunity to attend the opening of the inaugural ceremony. During this event the Carnival King is crowned.
And in the evening of the same day, you can enjoy the first parade of the samba schools.

The Rio Carnival is held over five days.
The program includes street bands competitions: one of the best is the Street Band of Ipanema. Also gay costume balls and various parades of samba schools are in the program.

In order that you, your family and friends enjoy the carnival, you should attend as many events as possible, as well as street parties and processions of bands.

Do not miss any of the rehearsals of the samba schools. And while you're in Rio downtown, attend street parties. You will be impressed.

If you are attracted to elegant balls, do not miss the Magic Ball at Hotel Copacabana Palace. For this event you must purchase your tickets well in advance.

Remember to make your lodging reservations several months in advance. San Marco, Porto Bay Rio, Copa Sul, Rio Ipanema Inn and Olinda are some of the hotels that are located near the area of the carnival, the beach and shopping centers.

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