Acrylic Painting by Vico

The acrylic painting -shown bellow- is an example of Vico's work, a Mexican artist living and working in Ensenada, Baja California.

Acrylic colors began to be used by visual artists in the 1950s. This is a quick-drying material based on acrylic polymers. Color pigments are suspended in said medium. This pictorial material can be mixed and diluted with water but it is very resistant to water when dry.

If you like this painting, Vico can create one simmilar for you, but with colors of your choice

The main difference between oil paint and acrylics is the drying time. Oil paint dries to the touch in one week, while the second dries in less than 30 minutes.

Besides, this polymer based medium is highly resistant to the passage of time thanks to their emulsion form.

For these two reasons Vico has chosen this full-bodied paint to express himself. It allows him to create heavily textured works.

"It is a great pleasure for me to deal with acrylics because their pigments are very robust.

The consistency of these colors allows me to create very lively and cheerful tones, and also establish beautiful gray atmospheres.

Acrylic media allow me to, among a number of other advantages, work fairly quickly so I can transfer my original idea to the canvas with acceptable fidelity.

One of these other benefits is that I can change or correct colors, tones and forms quickly. Acrylic colors are the opposite of oil colors.

While acrylic colors dry in minutes, oil colors may take days or even months to dry completely", says the artist.

The first brands of acrylic colors, for use by visual artists, were Acquatec, in Germany; Politec, in Mexico; Liquitex in North America,
and CrylA, in Europe.

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