Modern Abstract Art Painting

"Tango Africano" is an abstract art painting that I, Vico, created on canvas with acrylic paint.

My intention was to use only red in various intensities, plus white to add contrast and accents here and there.

In other words: the basic color of "Tango Africano" is pure red, the red pigment applied directly from the paint tube.

To create the abstract figures of this piece I used three shades of the same color, each produced by adding different percentages of white.

The white figures are actually the result of a rich mixture in white but poor in red pigment. They appear to be white because of its contrast with the dominant red.

This piece of art is part of a group of abstract paintings I did a few months ago, in which I applied the same color technique as in "Tango Africano".

As a result, each piece in this collection is made using only one single pigment plus white to produce various chromatic shades.

I painted the figures that make up "Tango Africano" almost automatically. My only guide was my aesthetic prejudices.

While creating such figures or symbols, I never wanted to represent known objects or known living creatures. I just let my hand drive the brush with controlled freedom.

I must say that the abstract style of "Tango Africano" is derived from a mural I painted some time ago on the walls of a popular restaurant in the city of Ensenada.

The shapes of the abstract figures may suggest microscopic life forms. For some observers, such figures may appear to be celestial bodies of the distant Universe.

For me, the most important objective in my work is to produce visual pleasure with shapes and colors.

Finally, every person watching this piece will give the interpretation of his choice, even though my intention was not to create a visual puzzle.

Visual pleasure without prejudice is king.

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